21 - 23 October, 2019 | Toronto, Ontario

About Operational Excellence Week Canada

Operational Excellence Week Canada is a gathering of over 150 operations leaders - all looking to improve business performance and challenge the status quo. Taking place October 21-23 in Toronto, this year's program will bring you over 50 case studies and show you how to eliminate inefficiencies in your operations, reduce operational risk, harness digital transformation and build a sustainable culture of operational excellence.

We’ve added all new tracks on Leadership & Culture, Process Excellence, Asset Performance Optimization, Lean, Operational Risk Management, Digital Transformation and Operations Management Systems.

Change can be challenging…..but complacency isn’t an option.  Join us at Canada’s only cross-industry event on Operational Excellence and meet hundreds of business leaders all focused on making the commitment to OE today to emerge lean, agile and more competitive tomorrow.

You'll walk away with the tools you need to:

  • Optimize Efficiency
  • Assess and Improve your Company's Culture
  • Manage Change - without Compromising Business Performance
  • Position yourself as a Customer-centric Organization
  • Align the Operational Excellence and Business Transformation Strategies
  • Identify the Cultural Gaps that are Impacting your Company's Profitability
  • Strengthen your Core Operating Processes to Drive Business Transformation
  • Improve Culture, Competence and Compliance
  • Drive Innovation in Your Operations
  • Leverage Emerging Technologies to Drive out Business Costs
  • Improve your Management System to better Identify - and Eliminate - Sources of Risk and Value Loss in your Operations
  • Enhance Project Performance and Create Standardization across Projects
  • Leverage Data and Analytics Tools to Drive out Operations Costs